How To Renew Or Replace The Green Card

If your green card was lost, stolen or is about to expire you may want to renew or replace it. This is done by applying via form I-90 either online at or by mailing the form with the appropriate information, documentation and fee. (If you have a conditional 2 year green card that is about to expire, the form I-90, is not the correct form instead please read my article on Removal of Conditions on the 2 Year Green Card).

We urge you to contact a qualified immigration attorney before you file any immigration forms. You may contact our office for a free consultation by calling (212) 804-5770.

What Information Is Required To Replace Or Renew My Green Card?

  1. Full Name As It Appears On Your Green Card And Passport If Different,
  2. Permanent Address In The USA,
  3. Date Of Birth,
  4. City And Country Of Birth,
  5. Social Security Number,
  6. Alien Number (Green Card Number),
  7. Mothers First Name,
  8. Fathers First Name,
  9. City Of Residence Where You First Applied For A Green Card,
  10. City Where You Were Approved For A Green Card (Either In The USA Adjusted Or Approved Abroad?),
  11. Date You Became A Permanent Resident/Green Card Holder,
  12. City In The USA Where You First Entered The USA And Tell If You Entered To Receive The Green Card Or If You Came In Another Capacity (Example Tourist Visa),
  13. Where Was Your Destination City When You First Entered The USA?
  14. Are You In Any Deportation Or Other Such Proceedings Now?

The Following Are Some of The Documentation Required:
  1. A Copy Of The Front And Back Of The Green Card,
  2. A Copy Of Your Passport, just the biographical page with your picture and any extensions and visas.

What Happens Once I submit the Application to Renew, Replace the Green Card - Form I-90?

Once form I-90 is properly filled out and submitted with the filing fee you will get back a receipt notice with a receipt number. If you applied online through the website this receipt will be generated immediately, if you mailed the application then the receipt will be mailed back to you in about two weeks.

About two weeks after you get your receipt notice you will also get a notice for a biometrics appointment. The biometrics appointment is for a new set of digital fingerprints, digital pictures and digital signature to be taken of you. The next step is to wait for the replacement/renewed green card to arrive in the mail. The processing time to receive the green card varies from as fast as 3 months to 6 months or longer.